Abyss – wooden sculpture, commissioned by the City of Luxembourg as a part of the BOX urban art project, 2022

The main idea of ​​the project is to give a third function to the wooden box installed every year around the spherical fountain in the Place des Bains, on the Boulevard Royal side. Initially intended to protect the fountain from winter weather, the box is also used as a base for the installation of an ephemeral work of art. Every year another artist or collective of artists is chosen to appropriate this unusual space.

Karolina Pernar´s artistic work engages in altering pre-existing concepts of time-space by challenging and
expanding the visitor’s perception. This is achieved in aesthetically complex scenarios developed with
different media such as sculpture, installation, video and computer graphic. Inventing audio-visual and
plastic worlds that draw no clear border between fiction and reality, her exhibitions unfold allegorical
narrations on the paradoxical human condition hovering between eternity and physical limitations.

As a sculpture situated in public space, the “Abyss” by Karolina Pernar is a rhythmically dynamic form that
invites the eye into an imaginary journey around the hexagonal vertigo of antimatter. Addressing,
nevertheless, not only the spectrum of the visible, the work moves its viewers to survey the dark holes in
their phantasy. Becoming a site of spiritual transformation accomplished with sophisticated sculptural
elements, the “Abyss” heightens the geometries of inner redemption impregnated with the open
figuration of hope.